Kai. Bhaskarrao Mahajan Samajik Sanskrutik Shaikshnik Sanstha's

Indala College of Engineering (ICoE), Kalyan

Affiliated to University of Mumbai. Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, DTE, Govt. of Maharashtra

Civil Engineering

About Department

Civil engineering is one of the oldest of the engineering professions. Civil engineers are responsible for building good quality infrastructure/systems. A civil engineer is concerned with determining the right design for these structures and looking after the construction process so that the longevity of these structures is guaranteed after completion. These structures should also be satisfactory for the public in terms of comfort.

Civil engineers are also concerned with applications of various methods to purify the contaminated air, water and soil. Another very important aspect of civil engineering is disaster management. To minimize the loss of life during disaster such as earthquake/fire/tsunami etc. it is necessary to provide good control systems and install quick exit points in the buildings which is going to be designed.

As our course of civil engineering look towards the future - the world of ever-taller high rise skyscrapers and mega-cities, we need to upgrade our education from memory-based to skill- based level. To keep up with ever-increasing number of engineers, the quality of output must ensure safety as well as economy.

The resources at the department, both literary resources as well as equipment in laboratories facilitate the teaching learning process and help students imbibe the theoretical concepts, their real time implications and their applications. The 4 month practical training in the 8th semester acts as a buffer between their transition from students to professionals and introduce them to on-site projects.