Kai. Bhaskarrao Mahajan Samajik Shaikshnik Va Sanskrutik Sanstha's

Indala College of Engineering

Approved by AICTE New Delhi and DTE, Govt. Of Maharashtra. Affiliated to University of Mumbai, MSBTE

The Programming Lab provides a state of the art computing environment for students to learn concepts in problem solving, writing diversified solutions for engineering problems and execute programming projects thereby augmenting their critical and computational thinking skills.In this lab practicals like java, c++,c are conducted.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning lab would like to make computers learn so much about the world, so rapidly and flexibly, as humans. An “intelligent” computer uses AI to think like a human and perform tasks on its own. Machine learning is how a computer system develops its intelligence.In this lab 20 pc with high internet is provided for students.

System & Network Security Lab focuses on articulating the need for cyber security in computer systems, networks, and world wide web.This Lab also give emphasis on discovering cyber security holes in standard networking protocols, both in network architecture, standard protocols (such as TCP/IP, ARP, DNS, Ethernet, BGP etc), & demonstrating mitigation methods for same.

The Cloud Computing Lab provides the students with access to virtual machines running various operating systems and applications.The objective of cloud computing lab is to study the basic cloud architecture and various open source tools that can help to provide virtualisation on cloud. The lab enables the study and implementation of infrastructure as a service, storage as a service, identity and user management on cloud. It also helps to add various security features on cloud applications.

The objective of DataBase Management System (DBMS) Lab is to provide a sound foundation in database concepts, technologies and practices.  High configuration computer systems installed with softwares like Oracle Server, MySQL are used by the students to execute their database related laboratory problems, assignments and projects.Database Lab is used to boost software development and testing processes via enabling ultra-fast provisioning of databases of any size.

Multi-computer teaching facilities dedicated to integrating creative technology with teaching and learning. We provide software, equipment and support for the production of web, software development, graphics, video animation, 3D fabrication and sound.This lab is provide used for practicals like animation, multimedia & computer graphics


Project Laboratory facilitates practical learning experience and provides a technically equipped environment where the faculty and student conducts research, develop creative proposals and prototypes to solve complex  engineering problems.

The objective of Operating System Design Lab is to let students understand and appreciate the principles in the design and implementation of operating systems. In this lab on Linux environment students get hands on with the implementation of OS concepts. Microprocessor laboratory is equipped with 8085 Microprocessor kits, Interfacing devices, Macro Assembler and Lenovo PC's.