Kai. Bhaskarrao Mahajan Samajik Shaikshnik Va Sanskrutik Sanstha's

Indala College of Engineering

Approved by AICTE New Delhi and DTE, Govt. Of Maharashtra. Affiliated to University of Mumbai, MSBTE

One of the labs is used for IoT projects with an adequate number of components. This is a research platform exploring the potential of crowdsourcing and the Internet of Things for multidisciplinary research with more end-user interactions. It gives the power to the crowd to be at the core of the research and innovation process. It gives the power to change the world and the way we understand it.

A well-equipped lab comprising the latest computers installed with various Microsoft Softwares (under dreamspark license), Visual Studio 2018.,Netbeans, Microsoft Project, Java, Linux, VM Player, etc. with wired and wireless LAN facilities. The courses conducted are DOL, END, IP,SEPM.

Aims to provide an environment that aids ineffective learning of Networking & Mobile Computing concepts. Systems on the Linux Platform and several development toolkits for mobile computing are some of the features. It consists of Packet Tracer, NetSim Academic, Sun Java Wireless Toolkit, and Microsoft (under dream spark license). The courses conducted are Computer Networks System, Computer Networks, WN.

This specialized lab is for Elective courses Big data analytics and machine learning. It is equipped with the latest high-end computers. Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop version 4.4.1 which comprises Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Hbase is used along with other open-source tools like R, Mahout.

A dedicated lab that caters to requirements of Big Data Analytics with the latest software with Microsoft (under dreamspark license), Visual Studio 2018, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, MongoDB, R Programming Environment. The courses conducted are Big Data Analytics, Android application development, etc.

This new Lab caters to the final year course and has open-source software like Open stack, OwnCloud, XEN, KVM, VirtualBox, and Cloudera big data framework for the Cloudera training program. Also, the resources are used for various projects.

A well-equipped lab comprising the latest computers installed with various Database tools & Servers like Microsoft SQL Server 2014 & MS Access, (under dreamspark license), and software like R Studio, Visual Studio 2018.,Netbeans, Java, etc. The courses conducted are DBT /R Programming, Advanced Database Management System, Database Management System, DMBI, OS.

To aid in proper understanding of System Design and programming Concepts, this lab houses computers with several system design tools like Visual Paradigm, MS Access, MS SQL Server 2015 Microsoft (under dreamspark license), Python, and Netbeans are some of the several software estimation tools. The courses conducted are Object Oriented Programming Methodology ,AI, Python Programming,CCS, OS, COA.