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Computer Department


Welcome to the Computer Department at Indala College of Engineering, where we foster innovation and shape future technologists. Our department offers a dynamic learning environment with a focus on cutting-edge technology and practical applications. With a comprehensive curriculum covering programming, algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, and more, we equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the digital era. Our experienced faculty, state-of-the-art labs, research opportunities, and industry collaborations ensure a holistic learning experience. Graduates of our Computer Department are in high demand, with excellent career prospects in diverse fields. Join us to unlock your potential and be part of the ever-evolving world of computing.
The Department was established in 2019 with intake of 60 students and currently offers a B.E in Computer Engineering. Department welcomes young aspirants around the globe to shape their career by developing strong technical, analytical skills so that the students besides going for software industry jobs, have the necessary technical foundation for competing for post graduate studies in leading Indian and International universities for diversified careers in research, management and entrepreneurship, etc. The Department classrooms and laboratories with modern infrastructure to facilitate their learning. The academic ambience encourages research, development and innovation activities. Leadership and teamwork are induced for imbibing the ethical and professional attitude to enrich society. The department takes immense interest in conducting professional activities such as organizing workshops, seminars and expert lectures to meet the challenges in the IT industry. Our results are constantly on the upward trajectory and the phenomenal growth of the department is attributed to the winning combination of dedicated and experienced faculty, brilliant students and strong administrative support from the institute.

Our Vision

To become a leader in Computer Engineering education through educational innovation and disseminating new knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

Our Mission

  • Enhance the employability skills among the students and employment opportunities to meet the expectations of the Industry.

  • We create and disseminate knowledge through research and education in the theory and application of computing, to better the state and nation, and to equip our students to succeed and contribute to society.

  • To serve the needs of industry, public sector and society with deep awareness of professional ethics and human values.

Hod's Desk

Computer Engineering Department, Indala College of Engineering
Welcome to the Computer Engineering Department at Indala College of Engineering! As the Head of the Department, I am delighted to lead a team of passionate faculty members who are dedicated to shaping the future of computer engineers.
Our department strives to provide a comprehensive education in computer science and engineering, preparing students for a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. We offer a robust curriculum that encompasses programming, algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.
At the Computer Engineering Department, we emphasize a hands-on and practical approach to learning. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and cutting-edge software tools enable students to gain real-world experience and develop problem-solving skills. Our experienced faculty members, with their diverse expertise, guide students through the latest industry trends and technological advancements.
We encourage students to engage in research, participate in coding competitions, and undertake industry internships to gain valuable practical insights. Our department fosters an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. We also emphasize the importance of ethical and responsible engineering practices.
As the field of computer engineering is continually evolving, our faculty members are committed to lifelong learning and professional development. We strive to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment that nurtures the talents and aspirations of our students.
I invite you to embark on a transformative educational journey in the Computer Engineering Department. Together, we will explore the realms of innovation, problem-solving, and technological advancements. Our dedicated faculty and staff are here to guide and support you throughout your academic journey and beyond.
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, or aspirations you may have. Let us work together to unlock your potential and shape the future of computer engineering.

Best regards,

Prof. Raghvendra Singh
Head of the Computer Engineering Department
Indala College of Engineering


Objective & Outcome

Objective: The objective of the Computer Engineering program at Indala College of Engineering is to provide students with a comprehensive education in computer science and engineering. Our curriculum is designed to equip students with a strong foundation in programming, algorithms, data structures, and computer systems. We aim to develop graduates who can contribute to the rapidly evolving technology industry and address complex computing challenges.

Outcomes: Upon completion of their studies in the Computer Engineering program, students at Indala College of Engineering will:
  • Demonstrate proficiency in programming languages and software development methodologies

  • Apply algorithms and data structures to solve computational problems efficiently.

  • Design and develop computer-based systems and software applications.

  • Analyze, evaluate, and select appropriate hardware and software solutions for computing systems.

  • Apply principles of computer networks and distributed systems to design and manage networked environments.

  • Exhibit effective problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the field of computer engineering.

  • Collaborate effectively in multidisciplinary teams to solve complex engineering problems.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities in computer engineering practice.

  • Keep abreast of emerging trends and advancements in computer engineering and adapt to technological changes.

By achieving these outcomes, our Computer Engineering program prepares students for successful careers in various domains of the technology industry, including software development, computer networks, artificial intelligence, and embedded systems.


Computer Programming Lab

The Programming Lab provides a state of the art computing environment for students to learn concepts in problem solving, writing diversified solutions for engineering problems and execute programming projects thereby augmenting their critical and computational thinking skills.In this lab practicals like java, c++,c are conducted.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Lab

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning lab would like to make computers learn so much about the world, so rapidly and flexibly, as humans. An “intelligent” computer uses AI to think like a human and perform tasks on its own. Machine learning is how a computer system develops its intelligence.In this lab 20 pc with high internet is provided for students.. Ea, consequatur.

Networking And Computing Lab

System & Network Security Lab focuses on articulating the need for cyber security in computer systems, networks, and world wide web.This Lab also give emphasis on discovering cyber security holes in standard networking protocols, both in network architecture, standard protocols (such as TCP/IP, ARP, DNS, Ethernet, BGP etc), & demonstrating mitigation methods for same.

The Cloud Computing Lab provides the students with access to virtual machines running various operating systems and applications.The objective of cloud computing lab is to study the basic cloud architecture and various open source tools that can help to provide virtualisation on cloud. The lab enables the study and implementation of infrastructure as a service, storage as a service, identity and user management on cloud. It also helps to add various security features on cloud applications.

Data Base And Datawarehouse Lab

The objective of DataBase Management System (DBMS) Lab is to provide a sound foundation in database concepts, technologies and practices.  High configuration computer systems installed with softwares like Oracle Server, MySQL are used by the students to execute their database related laboratory problems, assignments and projects.Database Lab is used to boost software development and testing processes via enabling ultra-fast provisioning of databases of any size.

Multimedia And Projects Lab


Multi-computer teaching facilities dedicated to integrating creative technology with teaching and learning. We provide software, equipment and support for the production of web, software development, graphics, video animation, 3D fabrication and sound.This lab is provide used for practicals like animation, multimedia & computer graphics


Project Laboratory facilitates practical learning experience and provides a technically equipped environment where the faculty and student conducts research, develop creative proposals and prototypes to solve complex  engineering problems.

MicroprocessorAnd Operating System Lab

The objective of Operating System Design Lab is to let students understand and appreciate the principles in the design and implementation of operating systems. In this lab on Linux environment students get hands on with the implementation of OS concepts. Microprocessor laboratory is equipped with 8085 Microprocessor kits, Interfacing devices, Macro Assembler and Lenovo PC’s.


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